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Dynamic Supplier Management (DSM) is not another fancy consultancy buzzword. DSM is an agile and truly game changing approach to managing suppliers. DSM is different: it was created by recognized procurement leaders utilizing an AWARD-WINNING digital platform, and it recognizes the complex interdependent nature of supplier management. Be proactive and take your supplier management to the next level instantly increasing your supply chain resilience in as little as 5 days. Check out our targetP! Supplier Intelligence Hub.

Our Approach

If any of the following would benefit your organization, we would appreciate the opportunity to discuss our approach:

1. Real time access to all supplier information in one location (globally)
2. Tier-N Supply Chain Visibility (ports, geopolitical, environmental risks,  natural hazards and much more)
3. Comprehensive internal & external supplier KPI management
4. Supplier Data Normalization
5. Quality Process Management (8D, Claims)
6. New Product Introduction support (timing, sourcing, etc.)  
7. Structured approach to savings management
8. Building a Supplier Risk Management Program
9. Re-shoring help / Supplier identification
10. Deepening Supplier Relationships


targetP!’s DSM solution is built to scale to your needs. Our solution is 100% cloud-based and only requires basic supplier information to get started. You will have immediate access to global supply chain risk data drafted from 25+ sources and provided by the No.1 risk solution riskmethods

Top 50 Supplier Pack

$ 3,850/mo.

Tier N Mapping




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What We Offer

We offer a combination of diverse procurement leaders and a complete, award-winning, web-based procurement and supply chain suite. Our custom approach is scalable, perfect for a small company managing a key suppliers, or for global powerhouses undergoing full procurement transformations. Our combination of procurement experts and leading technology ensures your organization will have the right infrastructure to establish a sustainable, world-class procurement function, enabling you to identify risks and build resilience early. WE DIGITIZE PROCUREMENT!

How We Are Different

Sometimes, we think pictures are better than words.

DSM is a radical new approach to a comprehensive supplier management provides you with a never-seen 360 view on your supply base. Affordable also for small & mid-size enterprises.

Our History

We have won the recognized German “BME Excellence in eSolutions Award 2015” and the “German BVL Logistics Award 2016“(the globally recognized logistics Oscar) for our innovative and proven approach to supplier integration along with our supply chain risk management program. Our work has been featured by Forbes, Spendmatters and other publications in the UK, US, and Germany.

Our tried-and-tested management team comes from various industries. Our many years at the frontline, grant us a unique set of experience and skills supported by our education. We have developed global procurement organizations, comprehensive supplier management programs and lead numerous transformations.

Our Team

Globally experienced Procurement & Supplies Management leaders

Jan-Henner Theissen

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Sandra Kleinejasper

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Stefan Wiemers

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Our Global Customer Base

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What We Believe In.

We aren’t going to be a good fit for everyone and we are okay with that. We aren’t for those solely focused on name recognition or years in business. However, for those interested in practical solutions and believe that you should only pay for what you use and value you actually receive, we think alike.

Working in industry we never appreciated empty promises and vendors that want to upsell every solution they offer regardless of situational need. That’s why we offer affordable month-to-month contracts with no long-term commitments. We are that confident that our offering will drive real sustainable value for your organization. And if it doesn’t, we don’t want you paying us for it.

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