Award-winning Perspectives for your Next-Level Procurement

DYNAMIC SUPPLIER MANAGEMENT | Agile. Affordable. Game-Changing

📌BIG NEWS!📌 targetP! is excited to announce the launch of Dynamic Supplier Management (DSM) – a radical new approach to comprehensive supplier management. DSM combines procurement expertise and leading technology in an agile, award-winning digital platform that can be implemented in just 5 days (SaaS,with no internal IT support needed to start!). Our solution is…
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Digital Transformation of Procurement is a Must for the Resilient Enterprise

⬆️ What lessons do you keep in mind when digitizing procurement? Read more tips and must-do steps from targetP!’s owner Jan Theissen on riskmethods here:

Our Method: Next-Level Procurement: Together we develop strategies tailored to your individual agenda and then build a solid & lasting bridge to a successful implementation.

Supply chains are like dominoes. When one becomes unstable, the whole system can crumble. So how can you mitigate damage once disaster hits? Start early. As soon as you begin to see breakages in your supplychain, take action to stabilize and prevent insolvency. Learn more about our proven risk mitigation measures here: targetP! Have your own tips…
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